Our Mission

Hackbridge was started by a couple of students who had just returned from MIT as part of the now discontinued Cambridge-MIT Exchange Program. What they noticed was that students in the US were actively encouraged to pursue and develop personal projects in their spare time. Furthermore, in addition to the large amount of funding available for personal projects, students were also actively hacking together at weekly gatherings and industry leaders (read: Chairman of Google) frequently visited the university to encourage students to apply their technical skills outside of class. This created an exciting can-do environment where students had the attitude to build something new - all in addition to completing their classwork. As a result of this environment, talented teams are formed, great projects are made, and awesome companies are created.

Our goal? To foster an identical environment at Cambridge. To encourage people to use their time to explore new ideas and to focus people on building the future. If the prospect of this excites you, then you'll love our events and we'd love for you to turn up and say hi. We're looking forward to meeting you soon - and we'd love to see what you can build!

Our Team

Andrew Foong
Edward Liu
Keefe Wayne Teo
Monica Dayao
Shusma Balaji
Sridhar Prabhu

Hackbridge is currently run by a small team of undergrads and PhDs. Obviously, to achieve our vision, we need as many hands as we can get! We'd be looking for help in sponsorship, event management, web design, speaker-hunting and much more! If Hackbridge is something that you're interested in helping out with - and you want to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial environment at Cambridge - please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

If you do reach out, please let us know (very briefly) what you're working on now/have worked on in the past and where you'd like to help! Also, let us know what subject you're studying and what year you're in!


Get in touch

Have an idea to make Hackbridge better? Want us to feature some content? Shoot us a message!