A speaker series to inspire you to keep creating

Hackbridge Aspire aims to motivate entrepreneurial students to ideate, research and develop their own personal projects. By inviting inspirational industry-leaders and entrepreneurs to speak about their stories and their vision for the future, we hope to encourage Cambridge students to continue developing practical projects - in addition to learning academic theory.

How does Aspire differ from the Union?

For one, our events will not require the insane membership fee. In addition, we would love to focus exclusively on speakers from areas related to technology and/or entrepreneurship.

Can I ask my own questions?

Yes! Ideally, we would like people to submit questions in advance so we can sort through and prioritise them. There may also be a Q&A period towards the end of each Aspire event, time permitting.

It takes a great deal of hard work to arrange Aspire events. If you'd like to help us out, please look into joining our team.

Previous Speakers

Check back soon to see some of our previous speakers and (hopefully) recorded streams of previous Aspire events - all broadcasted to the world!


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