Tuesdays, from 6pm @ Cambridge University Engineering Department, LR6.

LR6 is on the second floor beside the library, message on Facebook if you can't get in.

ARM was born out of the Cambridge ecosystem. What will you build?

Hackbridge Cluster aims to foster the sort of collaborative environment which encourages you to build your dream projects. Whether its a $bn app in-the-making or a boundary-breaking research paper, you'll always find a group of like-minded - and motivated - students. Spend your time brainstorming ideas, furiously coding, or just leisurely working on examples papers. Drop by at the next Cluster - we're looking forward to meeting you!

Who can turn up?

Anyone - even graduate students! Cluster is the opportunity to work with ambitious (and techy) students who want to develop something unique. If you fall into this broad category, you'd be very welcome!

Do I need a fully-fledged idea?

Not at all. Part of the fun of Cluster is finding a small group of like-minded students - and then banding together to build stuff! Just drop by and say hi! Also, if you are not sure about what to work on, why not check out our list of active projects below?

Will there be free resources?

Hopefully - we'll be reaching out to tech companies for resources. In the meantime, apply to grants or make use of the various resources (listed in Repository)

How about food/Red Bull?

Again, we'll try to get some food + drink but it might be challenging to get the funding. Alternatives include chipping in a bit of cash and ordering pizza/going to Sainsbury's!

What should I work on?

Um, that's up to you. But, how about your 4th year project? A cool research experiment? A device? A project with Google Home? Basically, just stay productive!

What is Cluster's vision?

Some of the best ideas come from these sort of environments. We're just trying to create it at Cambridge. Let's start building!


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