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New Projects [accepting applications]

  • [Gateway] Introduction to Web Development: Improving the Hackbridge website

    Gateway Projects are beginner friendly, there are no prerequisites. The first Hackbridge website ( was designed and created back in 2018, using Jekyll and Ruby. In 2020, there exists a lot of more powerful frameworks and libraries that enable web developers to create responsive and modern websites. Thus, we wish to update our website to give it a modern look.

  • [Gateway] Introduction to Web Development: COVID-19 Contact Tracing

    Gateway Projects are beginner friendly, there are no prerequisites. Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work significantly. Governments around the world have tried numerous methods to control and contain the virus. One method used is extensive contact tracing. This has been done by Google and Apple using Bluetooth. At Hackbridge, we hope to develop a web application that performs contact-tracing in a voluntary way.

  • Dissecting deep learning for systematic generalisation

    We carry out an empirical study on the effective computational power of deep learning methods (transformers in particular) for systematic generalisation.

  • [Collaboration with CUR] Robotics Policy Learning Research Project

    A research project in collaboration with Deepmind and the Bio-Inspired Robotics Laboratory (BIRL), a robotics research lab in the engineering dept. It is supervised by Thomas, a post-doc at BIRL, and by a few researchers at Deepmind. We have been working with a Firefly arm and using a passive hand, developed by Kieran, a phd student at BIRL. The project aims to both provide experience in robotics and in research environment for undergraduates.

  • Head Circumference Measuring App

    The aim of this study is to devise and validate a mobile app utilising modern smartphone camera technology to allow parents and caregivers to reliably measure infant HC. An accurate head circumference (HC) measurement is essential when clinically evaluating a neonate or infant. HC outside the normal range may indicate a disorder of brain development, hydrocephalus, or an intracranial mass lesion. A project hosted in collaboration with Addenbrooke's.

  • ML-Enhanced Computer Vision Change Detector System for Satellite Images Analysis

    Spacept is an Open Innovation company, taking a friendly and collaborative approach to solving some of the world’s most challenging problems. For this project, we are building a machine learning enhanced change detector applied to satellite images to spot oil on the ocean surface and assess damage to cities following a natural disaster (flood, storm, fires, and earthquakes).

  • Happyr Health: Game-based symptom tracking app for children with migraine

    1 in 10 children suffer from migraine, a neurological disease that is far worse than 'just a headache'. To manage their chronic condition, doctors ask them to keep track of migraine episodes. This supports the diagnosis and treatment pathway.

  • Unlimitech & Hackbridge-CCN Technical Consulting Project

    Unlimitech is a technology start-up based in Cambridge, UK. Unlimitech helps people optimize their performance and nutrition through high-precision metabolic tracking. Unlimitech is currently developing a wearable device (Smartmask) and companion mobile application that together track a user’s key metabolic metrics. Unlimitech hopes to understand what the customer demands for the mobile application are and what would be an adequate plan for its development.

Active Projects [closed applications]

  • Satellite Images Analysis using Physics and Computer Vision

    Exploratory project in the use of Computer Vision applied to satellite images to determine the height of objects in the image, with a focus on tree height estimation.

  • Application to Resolve the Knowing Doing Gap

    We’re testing a product which helps founders, execs and managers of fast paced companies resolve the knowing-doing gap. The Knowing-Doing Gap is when we are busy and stressed, we forget to apply the behaviours, we know will optimise team performance, and default to old ways.

  • Virtual Metrology on Plasma Etching

    Build a machine learning algorithm for predicting the result of a quality test after a plasma etching process taking as input machine variables (temperature, pressure,...) recorded during the process.

  • Hackbridge-CCN Project by Obliquity Group

    Work on a new product that encourages employees to partake in sustainability practises and movements by tapping on the psychology of gameificatin, reward and recognition, collector’s incentive and groupthink.

  • Matching and Optimisation Algorithm on Pooled Data

    Designing and implementing a data-matching and optimisation algorithm, on encrypted financial and personal data. The project also includes transforming the input data (and as a bonus, integrating your work into our existing user flow).

  • Automatic Rowing Boat Steering System

    [missing app developer] Create a low cost auto pilot aiming system for small boats and rowing boats using the computing power on a mobile phone.

  • Open Source DNA Imaging System with Raspberry Pi - In Collaboration With

    Design and build a DNA imaging system using a Raspberry Pi Camera for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Deep learning for data validation in industrial formulations and processes

    Deep neural networks are implemented to automatically validate and extract inter-property correlations from complex and expensive experimental data. This data is typically recorded at source in a non-systematic way that is prone to error and leads to delays in R&D pipelines. Our deep learning tool, Alchemite, can uniquely interpret numerical data in a way that is consistent across all domains.

  • Applying Explainable AI to Deep Learning across Industries

    Untangle AI has a experimental SDK/toolkit for explaining deep learning models. This project involves testing and improving the toolkit applied to problems such as Breast Cancer and Object Detection.

  • Create Remixes of Musical Pieces Using Deep Learning

    Analyze audio and extract central features using deep learning applied audio and forge remixes by mixing features in complex ways while keeping the identity of the music.

  • App-Building for those Affected by Allergy-Like MAST - Collaboration with ITIC

    Create a platform for patients suffering from MAST and build a profile on what is causing their allergy-like symptoms.

  • Accelerating Homomorphically-Encrypted Neural Networks on an FPGA

    This project seeks to implement an accelerator for homomorphically-encrypted neural networks on an FPGA. We will be competing in the Xilinx Open Hardware 2020 competition, in the Accelerator category.

  • Building an impact metric through quantitative analysis

    [Consulting] InsideUni is a charity that aims to make Oxbridge accessible to everyone. The charity is currently in need of sophisticated analysis of vast datasets to understand the impact of its website and other channels on various stakeholders.

  • Customer and Volunteer Profiling through analytics

    [Consulting] This is a LSC Hackbridge project with SolidariTee that aims to develop a comprehensive and holistic profile of their customers and volunteers to better inform any strategic decisions such as their product lines, community engagement models and marketing campaigns.

  • Open Source Protein Electrophoresis - In Collaboration With

    Design and build an open source, safer, affordable protein gel electrophoresis system for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Open Source UV Spectrophotometer - In Collaboration With

    Design and build an open source UV spectrophotometer for quantifying DNA and proteins for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Reinforcement learning with a robotic arm- In Collaboration With

    Detailed task to be specified in the first meeting, options are robot playing a game like Jenga or Mikado or learning to grasp objects with a passive anthromorphic hand. Details of one option in proposal.

  • Generative models for 2D and 3D cancer imaging

    Developing 2D or 3D GANs to generate medical scans of cancer as a means of data augmentation for cancer segmentation models.

  • Sensor Fusion for Automated Driving

    Reduce computational requirement for multi-level sensor fusion - Implementing full-stack algorithms to allow autonomous navigation of vehicles in virtual hardware environment

  • NLP for News Clustering

    Natural Language Processing clustering algorithm for multi-media news content.

  • NLP for News Topic Classification

    Natural Language Processing classification algorithm for multi-media news content.

  • BitFear: fear indeces for cryptocurrencies

    Develop a volatility index for cryptocurrencies

  • Deep Learning orderbook models for digital assets

    Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) have a far more relaxed regulatory oversight than traditional financial instruments, which means that their orderbooks have a variety of complex phenomena that don’t occur in traditional markets

  • Crypto Markets: The future of trend following

    A research study into the investment returns from trend following strategies in the burgeoning digital asset markets (“cryptocurrencies”).

  • Bitcoin: commodity or currency? A study of price returns

    Bitcoin is often branded as a currency, but its price returns tell a different story. This is a project into the changing nature of cryptocurrency holding returns

  • Econometrics modelling for public equities

    Modeling relationships with the stock price of a company and fundamental forecasts (of eg. revenue, profit etc) to isolate a driver that is the best fit.

  • Predicting startup success based on historical data

    SyndicateRoom has launched a new venture fund that aims to use data to identify the most promising startups to invest in.

  • Designing an Automated Marine Steering System

    Designing a low cost auto pilot aiming system for small boats and rowing boats using the computing power on a mobile phone. Proposed by the Founder of Hawk-eye - Paul Hawkins

  • Scalable Machine Learning on Massive Images

    Developing novel methods to enable scalable production-ready deep learning pipeline on massive image data.

  • Analysing Videos to Find Soft Skill Indicators

    Interviewer.AI would like to create an assessment algorithm to measure key traits/skills that act as a predictor of job performance.

  • HelioRec

    An offshore floating solar power plant manufactured from recycled plastic: sustainable, scalable, rapid-to-deploy, reliable and cost-effective source of power generation..

  • Dynamic Vehicle Weight Sensors

    The aim of the project is to develop a system to accurately measure the weight of each axle of a lorry as it drives past at highway speed.

  • NLP for News Topic Classification

    Natural Language Processing classification algorithm for multi-media news content.

Past Projects

  • Combating Food Waste With Computer Vision

    Developing a computer vision algorithm to recognise food ingredients, used for recommending recipes for leftover food.

  • Image Classification Using a Sequential Attention Mechanism

    Developing a new image classification method, in which a neural network looks at an image multiple times before making a decision

  • Investigating The Gravitational Collapse of Planetary Atmospheres

    Study the collapse of planetary atmospheres via hydrodynamic simulations.

  • Video Generation via Generative Adversarial Networks

    Producing realistic video sequences using GANs

  • Hypervault - Blockchain-based Secure Resource Access System

    Designing a secure resource access system that makes it easy to safely share confidential information

  • 6DOF Object Pose Detection from Monocular Images

    Re-implementation and possibly extension of a neural network architecture for 6DOF object detection from monocular images.

  • Beta Go - A Reimplementation of AlphaGo Zero

    Reimplementing a scaled down version of Deepmind’s AlphaGo Zero, playing on a 5x5 board

  • Mandarin Tone Trainer

    Using machine learning to develop a system that can recognise and correct Mandarin tones, for people learning the language


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