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New Projects [accepting applications]

Active Projects [closed applications]

  • Open Source DNA Imaging System with Raspberry Pi - In Collaboration With

    Design and build a DNA imaging system using a Raspberry Pi Camera for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Open Source Protein Electrophoresis - In Collaboration With

    Design and build an open source, safer, affordable protein gel electrophoresis system for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Open Source UV Spectrophotometer - In Collaboration With

    Design and build an open source UV spectrophotometer for quantifying DNA and proteins for use in resource-constrained labs like Biomakespace and our partner labs in Africa.

  • Reinforcement learning with a robotic arm- In Collaboration With

    Detailed task to be specified in the first meeting, options are robot playing a game like Jenga or Mikado or learning to grasp objects with a passive anthromorphic hand. Details of one option in proposal.

  • Generative models for 2D and 3D cancer imaging

    Developing 2D or 3D GANs to generate medical scans of cancer as a means of data augmentation for cancer segmentation models.

  • Sensor Fusion for Automated Driving

    Reduce computational requirement for multi-level sensor fusion - Implementing full-stack algorithms to allow autonomous navigation of vehicles in virtual hardware environment

  • NLP for News Clustering

    Natural Language Processing clustering algorithm for multi-media news content.

  • NLP for News Topic Classification

    Natural Language Processing classification algorithm for multi-media news content.

  • BitFear: fear indeces for cryptocurrencies

    Develop a volatility index for cryptocurrencies

  • Deep Learning orderbook models for digital assets

    Digital assets (cryptocurrencies) have a far more relaxed regulatory oversight than traditional financial instruments, which means that their orderbooks have a variety of complex phenomena that don’t occur in traditional markets

  • Crypto Markets: The future of trend following

    A research study into the investment returns from trend following strategies in the burgeoning digital asset markets (“cryptocurrencies”).

  • Bitcoin: commodity or currency? A study of price returns

    Bitcoin is often branded as a currency, but its price returns tell a different story. This is a project into the changing nature of cryptocurrency holding returns

  • Econometrics modelling for public equities

    Modeling relationships with the stock price of a company and fundamental forecasts (of eg. revenue, profit etc) to isolate a driver that is the best fit.

  • Predicting startup success based on historical data

    SyndicateRoom has launched a new venture fund that aims to use data to identify the most promising startups to invest in.

  • Designing an Automated Marine Steering System

    Designing a low cost auto pilot aiming system for small boats and rowing boats using the computing power on a mobile phone. Proposed by the Founder of Hawk-eye - Paul Hawkins

  • Scalable Machine Learning on Massive Images

    Developing novel methods to enable scalable production-ready deep learning pipeline on massive image data.

  • Analysing Videos to Find Soft Skill Indicators

    Interviewer.AI would like to create an assessment algorithm to measure key traits/skills that act as a predictor of job performance.

  • HelioRec

    An offshore floating solar power plant manufactured from recycled plastic: sustainable, scalable, rapid-to-deploy, reliable and cost-effective source of power generation..

  • Dynamic Vehicle Weight Sensors

    The aim of the project is to develop a system to accurately measure the weight of each axle of a lorry as it drives past at highway speed.

  • NLP for News Topic Classification

    Natural Language Processing classification algorithm for multi-media news content.

Past Projects

  • Combating Food Waste With Computer Vision

    Developing a computer vision algorithm to recognise food ingredients, used for recommending recipes for leftover food.

  • Image Classification Using a Sequential Attention Mechanism

    Developing a new image classification method, in which a neural network looks at an image multiple times before making a decision

  • Investigating The Gravitational Collapse of Planetary Atmospheres

    Study the collapse of planetary atmospheres via hydrodynamic simulations.

  • Video Generation via Generative Adversarial Networks

    Producing realistic video sequences using GANs

  • Hypervault - Blockchain-based Secure Resource Access System

    Designing a secure resource access system that makes it easy to safely share confidential information

  • 6DOF Object Pose Detection from Monocular Images

    Re-implementation and possibly extension of a neural network architecture for 6DOF object detection from monocular images.

  • Beta Go - A Reimplementation of AlphaGo Zero

    Reimplementing a scaled down version of Deepmind’s AlphaGo Zero, playing on a 5x5 board

  • Mandarin Tone Trainer

    Using machine learning to develop a system that can recognise and correct Mandarin tones, for people learning the language


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